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Leadership & Management Development

We often expect people who move into management and leadership roles to instinctively know what to do.  But the skills that got them there, may not be the skills they need in order to lead.

We support many blue-chip clients with the content and delivery of all sorts of leadership and management development, and we can do the same for you.

Our programmes and workshops will:


Give managers useful tools and tips to understand their role and do their job confidently

Give leaders the space to think clearly and create strategies for strong, positive change

We keep things fresh


We’re bang up to date. Our courses will include the latest thinking in the worlds of leadership, management and organisational development, as well as psychology and neuroscience. We transform this information into practical advice that’s easy to remember and apply when people get back to the office.

How we work with you


We can either provide courses ready to go, or design content that’s tailor-made.  We can also deliver programmes you’ve developed yourself.  We offer courses both online or face to face.  We’ll work with you however you want us to. Talk to us about how you’d like us to help.

“Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.”


Peter Drucker, Consultant & Author

Leadership Development

Staying relevant, embracing an agile mindset and having a strong sense of integrity are all things that will sort good leaders from those who are great.  We’ll help your leaders improve their skills so they can lead with confidence and inspire those around them.

Leadership Development

We help leaders to think bigger and better


Leadership is doing the right thing, even if the right thing is the hard thing. It’s about creating a vision and strategy to improve the culture of a company.  It’s about integrity and leading by example.  Companies with strong, ethical, leadership are more likely to thrive in today’s world of change, but they need leaders who really understand this change and can use it to their own advantage. 

That’s where we come in.  


One of our most popular programmes:

Inclusive Leadership


Inclusion is not an easy thing to discuss.  Some people don’t see why it’s necessary, others are worried about ‘saying the wrong thing’.  As a result, we’ve already developed sessions for many of our clients where leaders can chew over this issue, listen to stories (and each other), and dig deeper into a subject so many people misunderstand. We’re finding it’s really helping people to look at inclusion in a new way.  As Verna Myers (Diversity and Inclusion Expert) brilliantly puts it; “Diversity is being invited to the party.  Inclusion is being asked to dance.” 


Leadership topics we cover


We work with clients on all sorts of leadership topics, and this list is by no means exhaustive.  Please talk to us if you need help with something specific.


Strategy development

Creating a compelling vision

Inclusive leadership

Leading change

Developing the next generation of talent

Your leadership ‘brand’

Agile leadership


How the courses work


You’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for, but perhaps don’t have the time or specific expertise to do it yourself.  We work with different clients in different ways – we’ll facilitate sessions that we’ve created from scratch (where you don’t need to be very involved), or we can deliver a programme with content you’ve developed already.  Use us and our expertise in whichever way works best for you. 


Management Development

Management Development

Great managers inspire us to do more and be better.  Bad managers make us want to leave.  We’ve all had a boss we couldn’t get on with, and it may have been because they just didn’t get it.


We show managers how to think differently


It’s a real shift in mindset for someone managing a team for the first time.  We help managers recognise that before they can successfully manage others, they must first understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

We work on their skills (the way they communicate, for example) and their mindset (learning how to look at things differently).  We also work on how to avoid autopilot and become intentional, which helps them handle situations more skilfully to get the best outcome. 

Our popular 'ready-to-go' management programme

This is the perfect introductory course for new managers and gives them a good foundation which they can then go away and build on.  Split into six modules, it’s usually delivered as six half-day sessions spread over several weeks.  


Topics include areas like managing yourself, managing teams and dealing with difficult conversations.  Many of our clients return to run this course time and again as new managers come through the ranks.

Management topics we can cover


Examples of the type of things we can cover include the following (but talk to us if you want something you don’t see on this list!)


Personality Preference

Agile Management

Effective Delegation

Difficult Conversations

Communicating with Impact 

Performance Management

Manager as Coach

High Performing Teams

Strategic Thinking

Developing the next generation

Inclusive Leadership

Resilient Leadership

Looking for something a little more ‘bespoke’?


You may have a very clear idea of the kind of management course you want to create, but perhaps need a little help getting it off the ground.  We’re very experienced at taking your brief and creating a programme unique to a particular situation.  We can either create content for you, use yours, or combine a mixture of both.  Sessions can be planned to fit in with whatever schedule works for you.

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