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Keynote Speaker: Charlotte Downie

Charlotte Downie is an experienced and energising keynote and motivational speaker, specialising in the psychology of human behaviour in the corporate world. 

As an expert in human performance (and a self-confessed research geek), Charlotte takes the theory of psychology and neuroscience and packages it up into useful tips for her audience to take away and put into practice.


  Her incredibly warm personality and a genuine love of her subject, means she entertains and inspires in equal measure.

"Charlotte is an exemplary public speaker"

Managing Director, BlackRock

Motivational speaking that will resonate


Charlotte motivates audiences to believe they can control their working lives by changing their own behaviour.  Delving into the psychology of why people behave the way they do is irresistible for most of us (especially when it can teach us something useful about ourselves).  She tackles the kinds of things we all struggle with at work, combining her own expert advice with stories and anecdotes that will resonate with anyone who has ever worked in an office.


What Charlotte can talk about…


From themes that speak to everyone, to more specific topics for certain corporate groups, Charlotte will select her subject matter to suit your particular audience.

Some examples of things she can cover include:

How to improve your work mindset

Top tips to make you more resilient

How to build new habits by starting small

The best ways to motivate people

The secret to creating teams that really work

The three qualities all leaders need to succeed

Common mistakes that most managers make

The single most important thing to do when managing change

Why diversity and inclusion are so good for your business 

The key questions all team managers need to ask themselves



What’s Charlotte’s story?

Charlotte has spent thousands of hours putting the theory of psychology into practice.  Her day job coaching the leaders and talented executives of global blue-chip companies allows her to test out the latest ideas to see what really works.  It also means she spends enormous amounts of time presenting to and working with different types of audience.  Whether she’s convincing a room of sceptical city bankers to get more in touch with their mental health, or managing an offsite session with assertive senior leaders, she daily proves her ability to genuinely engage with all sorts of people on a meaningful level.  Find out more about Charlotte...


Charlotte’s keynote speaking experience

Charlotte has been a highly rated keynote speaker at many UK events including senior director dinners for large global companies; national charity fundraisers and conferences for women in business with high potential. 

Talk to Charlotte about speaking at your next event


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